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Nike, the international leader in athletic apparel, looked to Ruggles Sign to design, develop and build the globe's most icon logo - the Nike Swoosh - on the most expensive street in the world, 5th Avenue in Manhattan, NY.

The Challenge

"Make the sign move as you walk past it," they said. Nike wanted the swoosh to have a glass face that appeared as if it were moving as pedestrians walked the sidewalks of 5th Avenue.

The Solution

  • Ruggles Sign created several design prototypes per Nike's wants/needs.  After several prototype reviews, many emails and many phone calls,  the Nike Construction &  Design Teams flew to Ruggles Sign Headquarters in Versailles, KY.  The Nike Team spent an entire day working hand-in-hand with our designers and manufacturing team to develop a vertically fluted acrylic, with the most detailed cut lines, to be used as the face.  
  • But there's more! We tried diffuser film on the back of the fluted acrylic, it the killed movement illusion made by the fluted acrylic.  Next, we tested a piece of diffuser acrylic installed with a small air-gap behind the fluted acrylic - eureka!  It was perfect.
  •  Add to that, programmable RGB LEDs, polished stainless steel structure and installing on a fluted glass storefront just made this project even more satisfying to work on with team Nike!
  • It was the visit to Ruggles Sign that did the trick; such a visit allows for hands on teamwork and saved hundreds of emails & phone calls!

The Results

The most recognizable logo in the world, operating on the most expensive and elegant street in the world, makes a statement that no other can. Nike was more than pleased with the final product.

Play by the rules, but be ferocious.

- Phil Knight

All looks great. You guys have been great partners through this project and I really appreciate it!

- Billy Anderson

Director of Nike Real Estate and Store Construction

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