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PRIMARK is a Dublin, Ireland based retailer with a rich history of building vibrant and energetic stores throughout the United Kingdom and the European Union, filled with a large variety of branding, directional and departmental signs.

The Challenge

On-boarding a new international client with existing metric and CE based specifications, custom color specifications on plastics and RGB LED usage.

The Solution

  • The Company President, Lead Project Manager, Shop Foreman and Lead Field Installer visited the client in their Dublin World HQ, we toured completed and under construction stores in London, Dublin, Brussels, and The Netherlands to get a better feel for how the Client uses signage in existing store settings.  Lead PM made a follow-up trip to Reading, England to collaborate on design and manufacturing techniques with four other international sign suppliers at a newly opened store.
  • Sourced custom colored plastics unavailable in the US through a partner in the UK to insure consistent branding colors on all signs in the US.  
  • Worked with our primary LED vendor to develop a single chip custom color LED module to avoid the unnecessary use of expensive RGB LED modules. 

The Results

Ruggles Sign is starting our 6th year of partnership with PRIMARK having provided all of the signs for their ever expanding US store fleet. 

The Ruggles Sign team is doing great and their efforts very much appreciated and more often than not above and beyond expectations.

- Alan J.

Thank you for your impressive work at Kings Plaza. The store looks superb and was well received by the Primark and ABF Boards. We look forward to the store opening, and speaking to you all soon! Thanks… Top Job!!!

- Sanjay D.

Head of Construction UK and USA

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